This second “explicit remake” by Amsterdam based denim brand Denham is a follow up on the commercial that we featured in 2014 (which was inspired by Psycho), and is just as strong – if not stronger. Again a film that self-mockingly focuses on the obsessive culture of the “perfect wear pattern” of denim.

Aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, from the film The Aviator, is the inspiration for this second film. ‘Hughes’ is hell-bent on ‘outvintaging’ the competition but as the collection launch nears his unwillingness to compromise leads him to personal disaster.

On Denham’s website you can watch the ‘full feature’ of almost 11 minutes.

We’re very impressed.

The film was written by John Weich, directed by Hugo Keijzer, shot by Robbie van Brussel, produced by Ellen Utrecht and edited by Nils Rensen.