Since the 80s Centraal Beheer does funny commercials to entertain the people. And of course to raise brand awareness and sell some insurances.

The films are always a little silly – sometimes a little too silly in our opinion. But this one made us smile again. And shows, by the way, how important a director with a sense of timing is when you want to add humour to your film. It nicely builds up to the climax with the digital CEO saying: “And the only one with access is me!”

Back in the 80s DDB invented the “Just call us” (Even Apeldoorn Bellen) concept – because CB didn’t work with intermediaries it was easy to reach them. Since the concept still works, DDB (& Tribal) is still the agency that creates them. It was directed by DDB’ers Joris Kuijpers and Dylan de Backer and shot by Philip van Volsem.