Sustainable design company Better Future Factory teamed up with art director Thijs Biersteker (Moore) and freelance creative Pieter van den Heuvel to advertise the first recycled filament (3D printer ink), dubbed “Refilament“. Biersteker and Van den Heuvel were responsible for the strategy and creative direction of the brand.

The brand’s introduction film shows the process of making the filament, featuring a miniature version of the real machine. The laboratory-setting reminds us of the Creative Press Challenge film – also created by Biersteker and Van den Heuvel, and directed by Coriette Schoenaerts.

There are two kinds of filaments: ‘Dashboard black’, made from old car dashboards (mainly Audis and Volvos) and ‘PET translucent’ – you guessed right – made from PET bottles, as you can see in the different objects on the right hand side of the film set. With these filaments you can “Make everything you make fully recycled“.

The film was shot by Hessel Waalewijn, post produced by Glassworks, and produced by Melissa Nieveld. The sound was done by Amp.