Ogilvy Amsterdam had the honour to create the new Coca Cola brand film, dubbed “What are you waiting for”, which supports the pay off “Choose Happiness”. Coca Cola explains the theme by saying that the film “centers on the concept that young people are the directors of their own happiness, and that they represent a new generation who instinctively choose to be happier“. This sounds more like wishful thinking than scientific research, but we shouldn’t be too critical about that since we’re talking about advertising here. The bottom line of course is that we are to associate a Coke with happiness – rather than, say, obesity.

Anyway, at first we couldn’t really make sense of the film, since the eclectic set of images felt as if they are quite randomly compiled together; arty shot of dog on table, grainy black and white Berlin wall, handheld footage of down syndrome kid, pumped up Nike-styled footage, and then, at the end, a very smooth shot of people orgastically sharing happiness – with the obligatory Coca Cola drink shot. It almost felt as if too many cooks had been trying to put their own ingredients into the fizzy soup.

Copywriter Jesse Ridder (who we interviewed last year about a stint in Shanghai), however, was kind enough to explain to us that this was not the case and that the lyrics are leading in the film and more or less explain the images. So when you listen more closely to Dutch rapper Haris Trnjanin (HT) – a social worker who helps young kids to find their talent (and thus happiness) – you’ll learn that Coca Cola urges us to actively choose for happiness, even in times of setbacks and doubt. So, when we watched the film again, it made more sense.

The film was directed by Arnaud Uyttenhove, shot by Dimitri Karakatsanis, produced by Caviar, post produced by Glassworks. The music was done by Ogilvy ECD Darre van Dijk, HT and Wave Studios.