When you advertise a condom brand, the most obvious product benefits there are to communicate are good sex and safety. Naturally this is a rich realm for a creative agency – we all have associations with good sex – without getting pregnant.

When you call your condom brand SKYN, however, the message becomes more specific; apparently this brand makes your sex not just good, but also feel condomless. And when, on top of this, you want to establish your brand “as an active lifestyle choice” of a generation “for whom sexuality is not a taboo, but a celebration of their individuality” you end up with these sophisticated print ads.

As if you’re buying a Philippe Patek for another part of your body – “you never wear it for the next generation, merely for the one occasion.” The real copy is: [woman:] “I like red lipstick. Black coffee. And men I can’t fix.” [man:] “I like choosing books by their cover. And eating in bed. I like girls who are out of my league.” Pay off: “I like to feel everything”.

Created by Sid Lee Amsterdam, photography by Jason Nocito.