Two weeks ago we wrote about the new Coca Cola brand film. Now a series of print ads circulate around the Netherlands – with a completely different visual language – to support the film.

Some of the print ads use a still from the commercial, but the image on the left was maybe too radical to make the movie. After all, two men raising a child is definitely not the ideal Coca Cola feeling in many cities around the world. The handsome couple doesn’t really understand why: “No idea why people have such strong feelings about it. What makes their happiness any different than from ours?” The couple chooses happiness over conventions. Good on them.

The girl in the middle (which is a still from the film) looks as if she was taking part in the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul. She chooses happiness over peer pressure.

The third guy is old school because he is still wearing a beard. We mean, riding waves. Very old school. Today we have jet skis! Anyway, he doesn’t care, cause he chooses happiness over years.

The nice graphics were done by Esra Bueyuekdoganay, who just joined Ogilvy Amsterdam from Ogilvy Frankfurt.