Production company DPPLR created a (vintage) sci-fi short called Rotor about a security guard in an eerie factory that spots an intruder on one of his monitors. The plot somewhat reminds us of Moon in which a guy on the moon discovers different versions of himself.

DPPLR made the film for the fun and the experience and didn’t have the patience to wait for subsidies or crowdfunding. Nevertheless the no-budget project was able to get actor Raymond Thiry on board. It was shot in a defunct fortress in Den Helder and produced in two days only. The result is impressive.

The team chose to keep the dialogues limited so that the film could easily attract an international audience. It has done so. Apart from its online release, Rotor has already been featured on various festivals, such as Leeds International Film Festival, Miami Short Festival and LA Indie Film Fest.

The film was directed by Maarten Groen and written by Nils Vleugels. The music was done by Audentity and the sound by KlevR.