MediaMonks’ Gaming Studio has, in close collaboration with Google, developed Tricky Titans using the new Chromcast Development Kit, which is a kit that makes the most of multiscreen gaming. The game, launched in San Francisco today during the annual I/O event, is to showcase the possibilities of Chromecast for app and game developers. Since Android TV is expanding into more televisions, gaming consoles, media players and Pay TV boxes, Google hopes to quickly expand its Chromecast footprint this year.

The fighting game itself is not very complicated. It can be played by using your smartphone as a remote and is partly based on the rock-paper-scissor principle. Therefore the player with the best ability to predict his/her opponents’ moves wins. Tricky Titans allows up to five players to engage in the game simultaneously, while streaming the content from their smartphone onto their TV screen.

The game will be available in the Google Play Store soon.