After the mega success of Sweetie, Terre des Hommes has launched yet another groundbreaking ad. While it was quite hard to out-awe Sweetie, production company Revolver and post production house The Ambassadors Lab have made a worthy follow up. This time you are in the middle of a Kenyan household in virtual reality, intensely experiencing what it is for 12-year old Amani to be exploited and abused. Though we’ve seen a similar concept before with the Creative Press Challenge (allowing you to experience the life of a refugee in virtual reality), this production seriously takes things to the next level.

The making of shows how this production created the first stereoscopic 3D commercial. It was filmed with a tailor-made 3D-printed camera rig – holding 14 GoPros – that could not just record 360-degrees around the viewer, but also capture the entire scene in 3D. With an Oculus Rift and Dolby surround (5 microphones were attached to the camera), it truly feels as if you are in the same room to painfully witness the scene.

You can watch the film on YouTube and through a 360-degrees app (iOs / Android), but of course nothing beats the real experience. So hopefully Terre des Hommes goes on tour to share the film in all its glory. Otherwise this project will just remain an impressive orgy for tech-nerds on blogs and festivals.