How to advertise the 1400 new domain extensions ‘.amsterdam’, to be released on June 1st.

A typical assignment for hard core Amsterdam agency Buutvrij. After all, they have the required ‘gogme’ and know how to speak to true Amsterdammers. They even used one of their own posse in the advert!

Luckily enough the domains are being exploited by media entrepeneur Paul Molenaar, who likes to shake things up and is not afraid to be direct. ECD Maarten Boer: “We won the pitch because we convinced Molenaar that you can only persuade the Amsterdammers by talking to them in the typical Amsterdam way

There’s also a commercial with a contractor. And just like the commercials, the posters throughout the city also speak to the Amsterdammers in quite a direct way, with language that you wouldn’t normally see on a billboard. Stopping power galore.

And if you wonder whether the thick Amsterdam accent could persuade us to go to the site (referring to an old ‘proud of Amsterdam’ song) and buy our own extension, the answer is: not really. Though the ad surely has the potential – we so recognize ourselves in taking photos of our vintage cameras – we’re pretty happy with our .com extension.

Directed by Kevin Boitelle (Opslaan Als) and produced by Allen Grygierczyk (Opslaan Als).