To celebrate that summer is on the horizon 72andSunny launches ‘Les Heures Magiques’ (‘The Magic Hours’), an interactive mobile campaign in a Google app that helps discover places beyond the tourist hotspots and make the most of the extra hours of sunlight in Paris. The app is created by the team behind the Google Night Walk project, an urban street art tour through Marseille. And it reminded us of a concept by Perfect Fools Stockholm for Peak Performance, about catching the magic hour.

The new app smoothly provides users with a mobile-first experience, showcasing fifty one places and free activities to experience in Paris before the sun sets. They collaborated with local experts to give users an unique insight into the city’s (now former) best-kept secrets: from sunset walks and picnic spots to a curated list of ping pong tables and street art.

Cinemagraphs (videos where only part of the image is moving) are used to evoke the feeling of a summer evening in Paris, and also show a live countdown which lets users know how many minutes are left until sunset. The app also provides tailored recommendations based on the weather and time of the day.

The app is available in French and English and the interactive mobile experience runs from June 8th to July 5th.

Production by Brenninkmeijer & Isaacs and Adept Sweden, digital production by Unit9,  and music by Stainless Sound & Music.