In the past 20 years the amount of information we process on a daily basis has grown 20-fold. This means that we see an average of 105,000 words a day, the equivalent of 174 newspapers or two times ‘War And Peace’ by Tolstoy. This message is communicated in this simple, yet very recognizable commercial. Recognizable, cause we’ve all checked our phones on the toilet – while this used to be a typical Zen moment.

Because of this information overload Paper Magazine is here – for €6 a month. An online magazine launched by De Persgroep, based on a simple concept; 15 articles a day – a combination of articles selected from the best newspapers and some unique columns, reviews and articles from the dedicated editorial staff of Paper, headed by Barbara van Beukering. That’s “all you need to know” is the pay off and the idea behind it.

We totally believe in less is more – in fact, that’s our motto – but the only doubt we have is that the magazine has no focus. When you offer concentrated content, you need some sort of focus. If it’s general content, people want to browse, pick and choose. At least, that’s what we believe. Nevertheless, we embrace initiatives experimenting with content and trying to innovative the media business, so we’ll be following this concept and keeping our fingers crossed. If it doesn’t constantly write about wars and disasters, we already like it. Now we think of it, maybe constructive news should be the magazine’s focus…

The film was created by This, That & The Other.