Each year JongeHonden (a collective of young creatives – ‘puppies’) goes Cannes. Already for 20 years by bus. Not this year; they’ve moved up in the world and are flying Transavia. And together with the Dutch airline they created a genuine in-flight magazine! Strangely enough in KLM blue. The magazine is filled with articles, ads and fun and available for all Transavia flights to Nice during the Cannes festival! (up and until the 22nd of June)

Flying makes sense, since it’s cheaper than going by bus, but since JongeHonden each year received a parking spot directly next to the Palais it was worth it – they saw it as the biggest business card in the world. But times are changing and the bus had to move to the back entrance – next to the bins. For the spoiled pups this was not good enough.


Transavia was immediately enthusiastic when JongeHonden approached them – even about creating a dedicated magazine. Hans Nijman (Head of crew and flight support); “Usually we only fly dogs around in a kennel, but for JongeHonden we were happy to make an exception. Their inspiration, motivation and energy could easily persuade us to see the sky as the limit“.

What a great idea! We (almost) feel sad to be flying KLM.

The magazine was designed by 51 North and Artbox and filled by JongeHonden.