The selfmade man used to be someone that started selling newspapers and eventually turned into a millionaire. Today the selfmade man is someone different. He is independent, makes his own choices. Enter Binck; the online discount broker that allows you to buy and sell your stocks directly online, without needing any agent.

To make this commercial agency XXS suggested director Billy Pols to the client. The reason: Pols used to be a skateboarder (and even made a documentary about it) and according to XXS is a good example of a selfmade director. When Binck saw Pols’ reel they gave him carte blanche.

Pols about the production: “I was surprised that Binck gave me so much freedom. There was no fear, which gave me room to create something special“.

When we told Pols we found the bearded guy surfing a little cliché he told us: “This guy is the real deal, he surfs without a wetsuit in Capetown. So I don’t care if he has long hair and a beard.” Fair enough – though this knowledge now makes the business suit look a little funny on him.

The film was produced by Hazazah, shot by Werner Maritz, edited by Govert Janse, post produced by Captcha! and the sound was done by Sizzer.