Sue Amsterdam created a “First World Problem” pop-up store in Amsterdam with placebo medicine for first world problems. The store sells products such as ‘Always Super Wifi’, ‘Flowery Farts’ and ‘Gaydar’ pills that improve your hit rate on the social medium.

The collected money goes to the Dutch Aids foundation, which ironically suggests that Aids is a first world problem. Though you could argue that in the Netherlands Aids nowadays is a first world problem, this is of course not the actual message that the Aids Foundation wants to communicate. The real reason for selling medicine for medicine is that our luxury problems form an interesting eye opener and thus an apt source for charity donations.

And it works; the well-designed packaging – by Dog & Pony – did invite us to buy a product. We bought the ‘Perfectly Timed Jokes’ cause this is something we try to bring to you here on a regular basis.

The pop-up store on the Haarlemmerdijk 41 opened yesterday and will be there until 19 July. The store will also appear on summer festivals such as Milkshake and Gay Pride. Online you can even buy your first world problem 24/7.