When we read in the press release that this film is about a “cosmoceutical” doctor and “scientific rebel” who is “serious about beauty” we raised an eyebrow. When we saw that he is portrayed in a heavily filtered, sartorialist-like film, we quickly raised the other. This sounds like Amsterdam Worldwide is selling a humbug ointment.

Then again, the entire cosmetics industry is trying to sell us the unrealistic dream of everlasting youth. Even regular shampoos pretend to “repair” your hair.

Which leaves us to say that Amsterdam Worldwide did a fine job in making Dr. Nicholas Perricone look good. And what’s interesting is that ECD Richard Gorodecky directed the film himself, that the agency handled the entire production in-house (they must have thought; if production companies steal our creatives, we will steal their trade) and finally that the film was shot in 3 days in New York, completely in blue and orange colour-tones.