“In 1963 a scientist accidentally discovered the world’s strongest fiber” the story starts. “Since then it has been used to lift buildings, stop bullets and repair humans”. And “now it’s time for the next step”. Ok, you have our attention.

Then the music and good-looking voice-over are added. Together with the speed and the camerawork it makes an exciting film – shot in Kiev, Ukraine.

The film communicates that the fibre ‘Dyneema’ – owned by Dutch ‘material sciences’ company DSM – is now incorporated in fabrics. So if you ever feel inclined to fall off your bike on purpose, Dyneema is the ingredient brand you want to be wearing. Speaking of which, we were told that the stunts in the film are genuine performances. So “no special effects or fakery”.

The film was conceived and produced by Amsterdam based Mike Teevee – together with local production company Radioaktive. It was directed by Hugo Keijzer, shot by Adam Scarth, post produced by DDPLR, and sound-designed by Erik Griekspoor.