Wow, this online experience, dubbed ‘Symphony in Blue‘ – named after Johnnie Walker’s rarest Blue label – is quite elaborate and state of the art. The journey, engages the consumer for quite a long time, richly and seamlessly includes digital, film and sound. It even shows a behind the scenes of an offline experience prominently featuring Jude Law – who plays in last year’s 6.5-minute commercial ‘The Gentleman’s Wager‘.

With this experience Johnnie Walker wants to target a new generation of whisky drinkers. The only thing we wondered when we moved through all the digital scapes and scenes is: how can we consume all this information? It feels more like free jazz than a symphony. Or are we getting too old for this stuff?

We definitely picked up the values heritage, taste and luxury – forming a nice little strategic triangle – but a bit more focus wouldn’t have hurt – especially in the execution. If brands are classically known for not being able to choose, this is a nice example.

The concept was conceived by Iris Worldwide and the digital skills are coming from MediaMonks.