This weekend Amsterdam celebrates gay pride, which means boats cruising through the canals with dancing gays on them.

T-Mobile, using a sort of pink (magenta to be precise) in its visual identity, logically chose the weekend to add some love to its brand. Its agency, Etcetera, came up with the hashtag #sharelove and the opportunity for gays (and others, we are guessing) to show their love to each other by marrying for one day.

In the Utrechtsestraat (at the Prinsengracht – close to Amstelveld, tomorrow the gay centre of Amsterdam) a tram stop has been converted into a wedding chapel. Throughout the city there are also 200 outdoor signs that form a wedding background for taking a nice wedding photo. T-Mobile will also hand out flyers with pink wedding rings, to make the whole affair a little more official. Finally, on a dedicated website all the hashtags are collected to form a wedding album.

This great idea was created by Etcetera.