In both the food industry and the ad industry it’s good to ask yourself the question: what is real and what isn’t. Everything is ‘eco’ nowadays and every commercial seems to have some kind of real life element in it – regardless whether it’s scripted or not. Therefore questioning ‘real’ seems a smart advertising theme to work with.

And since KFC uses real chicken – instead of some pulp that tastes like chicken as McDonald’s does – it’s also quite a relevant proposition. The only tricky thing about this ad is that it begs the question; what do KFC chickens eat and what kind of life do they have? A spoof is easily conceived if KFC chickens look more like mutants than ‘real’ chickens.

The style (including the accents and hairdos of the actors) is a little weird. But we like weird. And it’s a little gay too, cause clean-shaven gays are the new beards in Amsterdam advertising.

Created by Ogilvy, directed by Sven Super (In Case of Fire), shot by Gabor Deak, edited by De Grot, sound design by Post Office and music by MassiveMusic.