Advertising fashion is difficult. So introducing an entirely new underwear brand for men is a tough cookie. Unless you have a big ass budget, you are a former Swedish tennis champion, or – as in this case – you make advertising that really stands out.

But what to communicate? That it fits comfortably? That it’s fashionable? Or that it simply is a cool brand? Obviously A-dam had a hard time choosing. But luckily it does stand out.

The brand, with a direct reference to Amsterdam, was founded by three guys from this capital, Steven, Job and Steven. They are 1.5 years down road and are doing quite well; their boxers are already available in 75 shops in the Netherlands.

We don’t really have the balls to try them out – as sad, fashion is difficult – but we’re definitely not blaming the advertising.

The film was directed by Alek Bruessing and produced by Big Shots.