Iggy Pop and Kaiser Sound Studio’s Marco Baay

Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors was asked to work on H&M’s campaign film for it’s global recycling initiative ‘Close the Loop’ with the tagline: “There are no rules in fashion but one: recycle your clothes”. A great initiative, although it immediately begs the question whether these clothes are going to be recycled by little children in shaky, sweaty Bangladeshi buildings…

Anyway, we’re happy to see that Amsterdam has some part in the great commercial. Kaiser Sound Studios was asked to do the sound. More specifically they used Iggy Pop’s famous raw voice. And Iggy actually visited the studio. They had a limo pick him up at his hotel and according to KSS he was a perfect gentleman keeping his shirt on for a change.

The production was done by Callboy and the film was directed by Max Vitali.