How do you drink a glass of Campari turned upside down, without spilling a drop, is what this film is trying to answer. You could also ask yourself; why would I want to do such a thing? But when you work with Lernert & Sander the right question is not that relevant. It’s their aesthetic, minimalistic and quirky answer that matters – and the¬†signature style that makes us love the creative duo.

For this project – which is to launch Campari on the Japanese market – Lernert & Sander worded with Morihiro Harano, the Japanese multitalented creative director and founder of Mori Inc. Harano is known for videos such as I Won’t Let You Down for OK Go and Beautiful Engines for Honda.

The films were produced by Adult. L&S also worked with them on their recently released – and much talked about – music videos for De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (3 videos for the price of one). The music and sound was done by Most.

You can find the other two films here and here.