de Bijenkorf, the most luxurious department store in the Netherlands (if not, the only one), asked Random Studio to create a display that would glue the spectators’ noses to the window of their flagship store in Amsterdam. After all, it’s the holiday season.

Random is known for its ability to build impressive interactive experiences, where the digital and physical meet. For this project the creative studio brought “magic to the window” by building a bodiless, two-faced magician with gloved hands that hover in mid-air, conducting a series of three magic tricks. The “kinetically animated appendages” bring to life the surrounding pieces: a gift box that hides and reveals precious presents, a magically spinning whirlwind string and a billowing over-sized silk scarf, suspended in mid-air in a poetic dance. Very luxurious, indeed. We’re sure the Russian and Chinese tourist will love it – and buy more Gucci bags!

Here you can watch a short impression.