Mini docs are the new standard in advertising. And especially alcohol brands like to depict creative folk in them. A while ago we wrote about Warsteiner and Blend/Bureaux following the Dutch band De Jeugd. Much longer ago, in 2013, we interviewed Sid Lee about an exquisite Absolut series featuring some relatively well-known creative minds – among which Woodkid.

Last week we received this film in our inbox, created by Rémy Martin and Random Studio. Also well-made and even containing some explicit lessons for those who want to start their own business – cause start-ups are also sexy. The first episode revolves around Hong Kong based entrepreneur, fashion designer and event organiser, Kevin Poon. His lesson: “knowing what you lack is the first step in getting what you want”. There are five episodes in total, forming a ‘circle of centaurs’ – the centaur is a man/horse and part of Rémy Martin’s logo.

Quite brave of Rémy Martin to only subtly show their brand at the end. We are assuming they’re also doing some activation so that people can actually get a (physical) taste for the brand.

The films were produced by Mr.Frank, directed by Brett de Vos, shot by Hayo van Gemert, edited by Sjoerd Dekker and the music was done by Audentity.