The Hart Island is an island off the coast of New York. Since 1869 unclaimed and unidentified New Yorkers are buried there, inaccessible to the public. The Hart Island Project assists families and individuals in accessing public burial records and information about burial procedures on Hart Island, thus increasing public awareness about the history of the island.

Through a well-designed and smoothly interactive platform Dutch agency Studio Airport has helped to preserve the memories of the deceased for present and future generations. The studio has linked a database of around 60,000 people – buried between 1980 and today – to an interactive map of the graves.

Maurits Wouters (Founder and CD at Studio Airport): “To create additional awareness among visitors, we devised a method for measuring how long a person is buried in anonymity by ‘The Clocks of Anonymity’. The clock starts running from the time someone is buried on the island. Once a visitor places a story, photo, or video, the clock stops ticking and the person is ‘found’ again