Tim Menko and Ingmar Larsen (who we interviewed and featured before on this blog with the NoPhone), a newly found creative team, are  sharing their portfolio tomorrow (Tuesday February 16th – 11:30 EST/17:30 CET) using Periscope. The live streaming app will allow agencies and CD’s to tune in from different parts of the world simultaneously.

About ‘the world’s first Periscope portfolio review’: “Agencies could do more with Periscope. And the traditional portfolio review can be a long sit down. It can be time consuming for both parties, especially when there is no match. All creative directors or recruiters have to do now is open the app. It feels very personal and informal: you can be at home or even on the toilet.”

So, how does it work?
Step 1: Install or open Periscope
Step 2: Follow MenkoLarsen
Step 3: Find a nice quiet space
Step 4: Grab a beer or an organic/biological/slave free/101% natural juice
Step 5: Plug in your headphones
Step 6: Enjoy the show (approximately 25 mins)

Menko and Larsen are currently based in Amsterdam, have international experience and would (also) like to freelance abroad. You can watch their ‘about us’ film here and showreel here.