Animal Alert (‘Wakker Dier’) created a commercial featuring McDonald’s’ inflated chickens (‘plofkippen’) – fed to grow unnaturally quickly, packed in small spaces and unhealthy. The commercial pretends to advertise McDonald’s’ chicken nugget Happy Meal toys. The chickens to be collected are: ‘stuffed fatty’, ‘blisty’ (with his painful blisters), ‘puffy’ (overheated) and ‘crippled cripple’.

McDonald’s responded to the commercial with a statement. The junk food chain says to comply with higher animal care standards than dictated by European laws. They even state to have invited Animal Alert to inspect its “open and transparent” food chain – without a response so far.

In any case, when this film goes viral it could easily cause some damage. Which automatically means McDonald’s could sew Wakker Dier if they’re not telling the truth. Regardless the exact truth though, it’s probably best for McDonald’s to sit very still from now on – the film has so far gathered more than 8K views in 2 days.

The film was created by Patrick Wijnhoven and Erwin Schieven, animated by Kingcoma and produced by Artbox. The sound was done by Studio Thrills.