I’ll be honest, I had no intention of writing about this campaign. Having dismissed it as an adult male’s juvenile wet dream ejaculating into the ad world and requiring no further thought space in my brain. 

However, last weekend I was cycling through Amsterdam with my 5 year old son and we passed one of the SuitSupply outdoor posters and I heard him shout from behind me “Oh, lekkere borsten show!” I’m now 7 months pregnant with my daughter and this spontaneous cry of “Tasty boob show” from my 5 y/o suddenly raised all sorts of concerns.

I know this isn’t the work of our industry, it’s a brand obviously in desperate need of a new Creative Director. It’s no wonder Suit Supply are on the look out. Their job posting requires that “potential candidates must have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and/or an equivalent degree.” How about just a degree of common decency?

Or even better Suit Supply, engage the services of a decent agency and let your next campaign win a glass lion instead.