“Life is filled with unfair things, but Moyee FairChain Coffee is fairer than those things” is the typical somewhat superficial way for ad agencies to look at things. However, when you execute it as attractively as 180 has done, the film (and thus the brand) becomes easily attractive. That is, as long as people don’t subconsciously mix up the ‘brown sugar rockstar’ (who ‘unfairly’ steals your wife – or daughter) with the taste of Moyee’s coffee…

The campaign is more elaborate than just this film (it consists of radio, print and social) and will be spread throughout Europe, so hopefully Moyee’s “more than 50%” of fairness will find its just destination.

Here’s another film, comparing the end of the world with fairness.

The films were directed by Robert Jitzmark, shot by Jallo Faber and produced by Camp David Films. Post production by MPC and Frost VFX and sound by Wave Studios.