Mineral water commercials are usually not very exciting. What do you tell your agency? It’s natural? The Netherlands has about the cleanest tap water in the world – without chlorine – so there is no real reason to buy mineral water – except maybe adding another bottle to the plastic soup. You said natural?

Anyway, this is the first mineral water commercial we’ve seen for a while that actually tries to make some sense and even tickles the senses. The film, to be broadcasted in the Netherlands and Belgium, was shot close to the Belgian town of Spa in the heart of the Ardennes. Though the team couldn’t convince the client that South Africa in the Dutch winter would have been a better place to shoot it (= joke), it’s one of those projects that gets the energy within the ad agency flowing.

And even though the “collaboration with nature” (as the sound engineer explains in the behind the scenes) makes you wonder how much of the “symphony” was really “orchestrated” by the rain, the film tells a true story with a sound proposition in a beautiful way. Makes us (almost) want to buy bottled water.

The film was created by JWT, directed by Wouter Westen, produced by Circus Family, and the sound was done by OIJ (part of The Missing Sync).