There’s a new kind of advertisement in town; the docummercial, a commercial disguised as a documentary. That is, this film starts like a documentary but already quite quickly turns into a commercial. The reason is that apart from this commercial Strongbow, together with Cloudfactory, also created two mini-documentaries (here and here).

Ironically, the docummercial feels a little artificial, while it tries to communicate the opposite. So it starts with the honest insight that some kids in Johannesburg think the apple comes from the supermarket and then all of a sudden becomes a Heineken-like super slick rollercoaster – no surprise when you know it was directed by Fredrik Bond. The ad therefore seems to balance two messages; purpose and sales.

All criticism aside though; when you strictly look at it as a commercial, it’s a well-made, uplifting film with the kind of production value that easily turns Strongbow into a strong and very sexy brand.

The film was created by Cloudfactory, directed by Fredrik Bond, shot by Crille Forsberg, produced by Sonny London, post by Glassworks, edited by Marshall Street London and music by Crystal Fighters.

Note: Cloudfactory just emailed us: “Thanks. But I think in your critique of the film you missed a major point. It’s not just a “docummerical” – the campaign involves planting in urban areas, bringing nature back to cities and leaving a positive natural legacy behind. This film captures “act 1” and there will be acts in many other cities around the world making them greener, more enjoyable places to live.” Roger that.