We just survived Queensday, or since recently Kingsday, the craziest party in The Netherlands. It’s the day the entire country – clad in orange – celebrates the King’s birthday – and unofficially it’s just a good reason to get hammered.

When King Willem Alexander took over from his mom Beatrix a few years ago, he changed the date of this special day from April 30th to the 27th. Not so strange when you know that the 27th is his birthday. Strange if you know that the 30th was his grandmother’s – not his mother’s – birthday. He could thus have simply kept it on the 30th. Not just out of respect for his grandmother, but also because Queensday is not just a day for the Dutch, but also for many many foreigners. And since in many travel guides Queensday is still on the 30th, you still see – somewhat surprised – tourists dressed in orange on that day.

That’s why Sid Lee Collective sympathetically came up with a consolation Queensday party boat, for the tourists who are too late for Kingsday; “A missed the boat party”.