If you don’t like McDonald’s, here is a reason to love it. With McTrax TBWA\Neboko has turned the ‘paper’ placemats at McDonald’s into a very interactive musical experience. You just lay your phone on top of it – which you naturally already do when you eat there – and then you can mix your own music. The placemat has audio loops, synths, sound effects and you can even record and sample your own voice.

The placemat was made with conductive ink, a small battery and a small circuit board with 26 digital touchpoints, so that the technology is in the paper. Your phone functions as a speaker and screen and the connection with the placemat is made via Bluetooth.

McTrax (app and placemat) was developed by This Page Amsterdam and Novalia Londen. The beats were programmed by TBWA ECD Darius Dante – the artist formerly known as Darre van Dijk, who not so long ago moved from Ogilvy to TBWA and likes to compose music for his clients.