On the 8th of May it’s Red Cross Day. We had never heard of it, but thanks the Red Cross in Belgium and Duval Guillaume we now have. We’ve even learned that crosses are not the most friendly symbols when it comes to mass killings.

In a very simple and elegant way Duval Guillaume, together with Laurent Lejune (design) and Bart Callaerts (animation), crucified the different crosses known for slaying the human race. Except, of course, the Red Cross, the international symbol for saving lives – 41 million, to be (kind of) exact.

Amp.Amsterdam did the subtle, but striking sounds. They told us they researched the characteristic war sounds for each cross-related period in history. For example, for Nero’s cross the sound of crackling flame was used to communicate the great fire of Rome and Nero being known for burning Christians alive.

A great ad that shows a basic lesson in advertising; if everyone shouts (with real life footage of people in agony), you should whisper (with a minimalistic design).