We like odd and quirky. Especially when brands are talking about products that don’t really have any interesting benefits. Since burgers can nowadays be acquired on every corner of the street, odd and quirky is what sets you apart.

Brussels’ based Mortierbrigade is known for the kind of ads that you need to see for a second time (and maybe a third) to be able to fully absorb, understand and appreciate. Just the dialogue: “I named the burger Bicky, because that’s my wife’s name” (wife replies): “But it’s Vicky” made us rewind the film – and smile. It also made us want to taste the Bicky burger.

Director Lionel Goldstein, from Amsterdam based production company Czar, crafted the film into an arthouse movie trailer. It was shot by Lieven van Baelen and edited by Manu van Hove. Sound was done by Cobra Radio Brewery and the music by Guy van Nueten.