Written by RA*W Reporters Liza Hopman and Layla Kaspi for ADCN

The Lions festival in Cannes! The creative Walhalla. A place where passions, knowledge, inspiring people with inspiring cases, sun and parties collide. Together with our fellow RA*W Reporters, we are going to make this a most memorable, educational and valuable week.

The list of speakers is long and incredibly divers. People from different disciplines share their unique point of view on the creative industry. So, where to go? What can we not miss? We took some time to make a fine selection. This was our ultimate Monday at the Cannes Lions Festival.


#01  10:00 – 22:00 | Delegate Zone Insight Experience

We eased into the day with a 360 Video Experience. A nice playful way to experience the newest innovations at the Cannes Lions festival. You should go see for yourself!


#02  11:00 – 12:00   Innovation is Great, but Ideas Come First

With all these new technologies and innovative developments thrown in your face, you would almost forget that in the end it is still all about the insight, the idea, and the execution. Nothing wrong with being basic.


#03  12:15 – 12:45   BLOCK YOU: Why World Class Creativity Will Obliterate Ad Blocking.

At THE advertising festival we shouldn’t forget the fact that there are ad blockers. We wanted to hear all about how to get around – and even make use of – them.


#04  13:00 – 14:00   Chief Creatives on the Beach

With our feet in the sand we listened to what motivates top creatives. What keeps them up at night? What inspires them? And what do they think is worth to follow? We took it all in at the Cannes Beach. And it wasn’t that bad to be outside either.


#05   14:00 – 14:45   How Drones and 360 Video will Change Creativity

Drones, AI, 360, Virtual Reality, the possibilities are endless! But how can we enrich our creative ideas with these technologies? This seminar appealed to a lot of talent, including us.


#06   16:00 – 16:45   Why Dynamism is the New Creativity

Success is more than just economy; it is the future where brands will take the lead. What is it that makes companies, brands, and people dynamic? A discussion how creativity is one of the key ingredients of success. Dynamic creativity – that sounds like a good cocktail!


#07   17:00 – 18:00   Happy Hour at Facebook Beach

Speaking of which.. After a day of soaking up inspiration and knowledge, we were ready to soak up some more sun. Facebook Beach is by far the best TECH beach to fully recharge. Oh, and it is Happy Hour. Cocktails for everyone!


#08   20:00 – 22:00   OpenX Yacht BBQ

A glass of bubbly, a BBQ and a yacht… Need we say more?


#09   21:00 – 00:00   Young Lions Party | Le Terrace

Tout Cannes under 30 gathered at the Young Lions party to meet new people, beer in one hand, business card in the other.


#10   00:00 – ….   Gutter Bar

After all the Cannes decadence we finished the night with bravoure at the most infamous bar of Cannes – the Gutter.