And that’s it for this year. The music has stopped, the bottles are empty. Cannes is over. 5 things (amongst many) that will stick to mind:

1: Brewtroleum
A disruptive idea that takes all beermarketers and their agencies out of their comfort zone. There are so many reasons to reject this idea at first sight, so many instant no’s. But luckily, the people involved went for the yes, the reason to go through with it: impact, disruption. This unexpected idea did a lot of good for the beer industry in New Zealand. It leaves me positively restless.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-29 om 12.22.52
2: The New Directors Showcase
Particularly the fact that amongst the reel, there was one film that was conceived, created, editen without any human intervention. We couldn’t guess which one… Check Saatchi & Saatchi online.

3: Mirrors of racism
An interesting case about human psychology. Post your filth on social media, and strangely, it still feels anonymous. But when exactly that same post is reproduced on a giant billboard in your neighbourhood, it feels you are exposed to the world. Strange, but true: more than 80% of the social racists closed their accounts after seeing their own posts in the streets.

4: The charisma of lecturers like Will Smith, Iggy Pop, Harvey Weinstein
Their self confidence, their perfectionism is something utterly inspiring to take home. They didn’t become who they are today for nothing.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-29 om 10.54.33

5: The tours along all the great work with the Young Dogs creatives and the RA*W young planners. Full of energy, no matter how early in the morning. Never wanting to end the tour, always continuing to talk about work when I ran into them later in the week. Thank you all for that.