The best branded content is the kind of content that doesn’t feel too much like a commercial and engages you for much longer than 30 seconds. Here’s an example, a video clip created by W+K Amsterdam for AB InBev, the exclusive sponsor of the Belgian festival Tomorrowland, one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals. The song, dubbed ‘Infected’, was created by Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto and LA producer and DJ JAUZ. Smartly, the film has multiple versions with different brands highlighted for different markets, so it’s not a Bud-only film. Speaking of Bud, we’re not infected by the brand yet – American symbols generate a somewhat bitter taste nowadays. But this is definitely a good first step.

The film was directed and produced by Canada Barcelona and shot by Daniel Voldheim. It was edited by Trim and post produced by Glassworks Barcelona. The audio post was done by Wave.