Skyn condoms use an innovative alternative to latex, dubbed Skynfeel. To advertise this new material – and the condom – Sid Lee Amsterdam teamed up with Pauline van Dongen to develop an adaptable long jump suit that not only minimizes body limitation but adds extra airtime to the athlete’s jump.

What? Yes, you’re hearing this right. The suit features “dragonfly wing-inspired flaps located on the edge of the body, constructed from a thin layer of Skynfeel and reinforced by a geometric laser cut grid”. These flaps stay flat during the run and open up with the jump. Here you can see how that works.

Luckily there’s a pay-off that explains that the condom helps you to “feel everything”. Because this film mainly communicates the attributes speed, reach and breathability. And as we all know, these are not necessarily the most relevant attributes in the context of condoms. The latter even contradicts the quintessential benefit of a condom.

One thing is clear though, the team put a lot of love into the ad; directed by Jona Honer, shot by Tibor Dinglestad and produced by Czar. The edit was done by Xander Nijsten, the post by Storm, the music by Paraphrase and overall sound by Hein Verhoeven.