A concept that you can use for any product, really; showing the opposite of a product benefit and then, at the end; “luckily there is ….!” But if executed well (as in this case) it is easily entertaining enough to not skip the online ad – which is a rare thing as we all know. Especially the typecasting, in combination with the setting, makes the characters with ‘unfair’ names quite credible. Only the production value gives away that we’re looking at advertising here.

Moyee (fair-chain coffee) and 180 Amsterdam like to have some fun when creating their advertising. Last time we featured a Moyee ad, in which the intensity of the coffee was highlighted by giving it to people who were stoned.

The ‘unfair’ film was directed by Robert Jitzmark, shot by Rutger Geleijnse and produced by Camp David. The film was edited by Jonas Wessman, post produced by MPC and Frost VFX and the sound was done by Wave Studios.