Dawn was founded by David Snellenberg, Jaap Boender, Pepijn Rooijens and Greo Belgers. The agency likes visual friendly advertising. In other words its advertising is always of high art directional quality. No surprise that Dawn’s old brand logo won a Reddot Design Award right at the start in 2008. What’s more, the agency likes design so much that in 2009 it already introduced a new logo. But this doesn’t mean that Dawn neglects the importance of building a campaign on a strong insight. In 2009 it won a golden Effie for Maandag.

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Uncommon is seeking the uncomfortable in the comfortable. Uncommon are those who dare to fly without wings. Uncommon is seeing big, in small. Uncommon is 4 agencies, 3 months each. Dawn, Natwerk SUE and Achtung! launch the first cross-agency advertising traineeship program in the Netherlands (maximum age 27, at least 2 years working experience, you have to… More.


The return of smart work

The Helmbasilik, one of Artis’ forgotten animals – a campaign by Dawn For already too long, Dutch advertising is full of (pretty bad) humor ads, silly jokes and spots that talk to people as if they are stupid kids. How nice to see a fresh change coming from Amsterdam-Noord, from the offices of Dawn. First,… More.