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DDB Amsterdam
Prof. W.H. Keesomlaan 4
1183DJ Amstelveen
+31 (0)20 406 5406

DDB Amsterdam is the product of a merger between the Dutch ‘Result’ and the DDB network in 1997. It is one of the most stable and reliable agencies in Amsterdam known for its long-term relationships with both clients and personnel. And though to outsiders it sometimes feels as a somewhat sterile ad factory, if it comes to combining thorough strategies and creative executions, DDB should be placed among the top 3 in Amsterdam. Today the management is formed by Pietro Tramontin (sometimes called the godfather of advertising), Paul Blok and Ivo Roefs. The creative management consists of Joris Kuijpers, Dylan de Backer, Sikko Gerkema and Sanne Braam. Together they have the mission to “use creativity to develop ideas that people want to play with, participate in and share with others. Ideas that connect people with people – not just people and brands” and they call this “Social Creativity”.