Doom & Dickson

The philosophy of Doom & Dickson is ‘to tell stories worth sharing’. That’s why eleven years ago founders Ferry van Tongeren, Serge Steijn and Arjan van Woensel came up with two fictitious ad men, the ‘founding fathers’ of the company: Jack Doom, “grandmaster in the area of creativity” and Bill Dickson, “pioneer in the field of effectiveness”. Managing director Frieda Ulsamer de Waard ensures that the award winning agency still works everyday in the spirit of their ‘founders’. Doom & Dickson’s client roster includes Dutch brands, like PLUS, HEMA, War Child, Etos, SiSi, Crystal Clear and Holy Soda.

Recent posts about Doom & Dickson

Lip syncing history

Drawing a comparison between World War II and a current event is something to be done with prudence, is the general opinion here in the Netherlands. But this film wields the comparison so aptly and strikingly to the point, that you can instantly imagine in… More.

Ad of the Month

Augment your lottery ticket

Since the chance that you’ll win €30 million with a lottery ticket is pretty insignificant, the State Lottery asked Doom & Dickson to make the lottery ticket more attractive. They literally did by adding some augmented reality. When you bring your ticket to life, with… More.


Amsterdam winners at Eurobest

And the winners are… Doom & Dickson, Publicis, and Lemz won Gold at Eurobest this year. Our very favourite Hema push-up bra won gold in PR (which should have been Gold for making a sound casefilm, really), and Silver in Promo & Activation. ALS’ ‘I’ve… More.


Silver Fleet

What a nice ‘infographic’ (click to enlarge). It depicts the best agencies in town by comparing them with different ships. We shouldn’t take it too seriously, the introduction tells us, since it is not science and “therefore absolutely not measurable.” Glad we got that straight.… More.


Promo, Direct, and PR; 6 Lions

Amsterdam scores well in the first three Cannes categories. Three golden Lions went to LG Thief, stealing the thinnest TV ever on a security cam, by Y&R (Promo/Best use of social media), ALS ‘I have already died’ by Publicis (Direct/Charity), and Hema mega push-up bra… More.


Doom & Dickson invented Christmas

We always thought that Doom & Dickson were two gimmicky fictional characters made up by Amsterdam agency Doom & Dickson. But to our surprise we received a hard covered Christmas story that is not just Doom & Dickson’s client-christmas-card, but also reveals that Jack Doom… More.


Doom & Dickson created (mad)men

For those of you who don’t know Doom & Dickson, it’s good to know they are fictional characters. That is, except for their photos, of course – we don’t know who these sophisticated (mad)men were in real life. Anyway, since D&D’s building is being painted,… More.


ABN AMRO ditches TBWA for Selmore!

Wow! It doesn’t get much juicier in advertising! It all started when Dutch bank ING felt they were in need of a new agency. In the past years there had always been a lot of criticism on ING’s advertising, created by Leukwerkt Worldwide (Funnyworks), but… More.


Tits-and-bums humor to make a joke

‘Shit happens’ is the title of this website. What are they selling? Toilet paper that can also be used to clean your face? Nope, not even close. This ad, made by Doom & Dickson for ‘Consumer & Safety’, tries to explain the danger of playing… More.


Esprix; smart advertising with impact

This viral for X-Travel made by YoungWorks, won a bronze Esprix award yesterday. A viral that truly deserves its name; it has generated 2.7 million hits until now. The Esprix awards are about smart and effective advertising that activates the consumer. 23 cases were awarded;… More.