It is not the strongest of the brands that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” – as we all know Fitzroy was Darwin’s Captain on the Beagle. According to Fitzroy this phrase is key because “society, economy and technology are changing faster than ever. This makes today’s consumer more difficult to capture than ever before.” The cross-medial agency, founded by Marnix Tiggeloven and Jur Baart in 2009, strongly believes that in this era brands need to be as agile as their target audiences. This has resulted in an agency that works on on- and offline communication, product innovation and design – “because only a truly integrated approach will help brands.” They help Accenture, Bacardi, Ben&Jerry’s, Cornetto, Diamant, Doritos, Hero, Hyundai, Knab, Lenovo and Reddy.

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All it takes is one angry viewer

Earlier this week Hyundai released a viral to promote their 100% water emissions car, the ix35. The ad, created by Innocean displayed a middle-aged man trying to commit suicide but failing miserably due to the car’s clean emissions. London advertising creative Holly Brockwell didn’t see the humour in this, she only saw the bad memories… More.