It is not the strongest of the brands that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change” – as we all know Fitzroy was Darwin’s Captain on the Beagle. According to Fitzroy this phrase is key because “society, economy and technology are changing faster than ever. This makes today’s consumer more difficult to capture than ever before.” The cross-medial agency, founded by Marnix Tiggeloven and Jur Baart in 2009, strongly believes that in this era brands need to be as agile as their target audiences. This has resulted in an agency that works on on- and offline communication, product innovation and design – “because only a truly integrated approach will help brands.” They help Accenture, Bacardi, Ben&Jerry’s, Cornetto, Diamant, Doritos, Hero, Hyundai, Knab, Lenovo and Reddy.

Recent posts about Fitzroy


Fitzroy changes its interior every year. And throws one of the best parties in town to celebrate this. Each year, just before the party, new artworks are painted on the Fitzroy walls. Why go through all this trouble? Fitzroy, named after the captain of Darwin’s… More.


Straight from the land

This is cool. An app called BuitenMarkt (“Outdoor Market”), initiated by Reddy, that shows you where you can buy fresh ingredients straight from the land. The app features around 500 farmers, and through smart little icons you can easily see what they have to offer. Even… More.


Small, but strong in taste

Fitzroy was asked to create a tag-on behind the Doritos monstertruck commercial (created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners), for Doritos Bits, with the proposition: “Small, but big in taste.” The agency simply recreated the monster truck commercial, but in miniature form (“Do not attempt, unless… More.


Works for you

“If you give it your all, you expect the same from others. So why not from your bank?” Knab (‘bank’ spelled backwards) helps you to make the most of your money (with the pay off: “The bank that works for you” – freely translated). There… More.


“All I got was this lousy sweatshirt”

Fltr: Yorick van Baarsel (Marketing Manager Hero, Hero Benelux), Tessa van Breugel (Brand Manager Doritos, PepsiCo Nederland), Stephan Ardesch (Marketing Manager Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever) Fitzroy ‘won’ a free advertisement in Marketing Tribune. The result was not your ordinary self promotion, but a series of what Fitzroy… More.


Chris Alders moves to DigitasLBi Dubai

Chris Alders has joined DigitasLBi Dubai as Head of Strategy Middle East and North Africa. Before making this move Alders was a strategy director at Fitzroy and BSUR. At Fitzroy he worked on Knab, Hero and Bacardi, among other brands. Alders: “Fitzroy, a very unorthodox… More.


Vincent Hagen starts Branded Video unit at Fitzroy

Fitzroy has founded a Branded Video unit, led by Vincent Hagen. It responds to the need of many marketeers “to connect video content to their brand’s DNA in a lean & mean way.” Hagen: “More and more parties are looking for qualitative video content. Of course… More.


State of the art vintage

Bacardi changed its logo. And since vintage is the new contemporary, the logo has moved back in time, by adding much more detail to the bat. To celebrate this, Fitzroy and Friedrich van Schoor created a spectacular in Rotterdam on May 20th, which is Cuban… More.


Transparant healthcare

Dutch magazine Marketing Tribune asked Fitzroy to create a cover for the issue centered around Healthcare Marketing. The agency came up with an x-rayed  see-through cover – we are guessing to make healthcare ‘transparant.’ It was printed with ink containing metal particles. You can watch the making of… More.


Jacked Street Race

In September we wrote about Doritos’ stunt drive school – and we noticed that is was clearly aimed at “male teenagers.” Today ad agency Fitzroy adds another chapter to Doritos’ jacked attitude. Since 45 km/hour, the maximum speed for most of Doritos’ target group, is… More.


Make your DO come true

According to Lenovo – perhaps the most unsexy computer brand in the world – Sewa Kroetkov, a former accountant turning his life upside down by quitting his job to become a professional skateboarder, is the ultimate example of someone who “made his DO come true.” Through… More.


Fitzroy’s Annual New Year’s Bash

Beacons of colored light streamed out of a row of windows along the Piet Heinkade last Thursday night. A clear indicator, together with a sea of bicycles and the thumping of a determined DJ, of Fitzroy‘s annual New Year’s bash. Who needs Google Maps when… More.


Learn to drive awesomely

Or ‘awesome,’ in advertising copy. Great little idea that follows up the Jacked driving school, which is a driving school where you can learn to stunt drive – thus making Doritos look ‘state of the youth.’ The only thing that disappoints us a little is… More.


Phat potato chips

Fitzroy likes to give brands an edge. Which is probably why Doritos asked the agency to advertise their new potato chips ‘Jacked’ – bigger and thicker than ever. Fitzroy came up with a driving school just as phat as their chips. You can subscribe for… More.



Last week the UN announced that more than 100.000 people have died so far in Syria. On top of that, more than 1.6 million people having fled their homes. Fitzroy developed a visual petition, to raise awareness for this war – and, let’s be honest, for… More.


All it takes is one angry viewer

Earlier this week Hyundai released a viral to promote their 100% water emissions car, the ix35. The ad, created by Innocean displayed a middle-aged man trying to commit suicide but failing miserably due to the car’s clean emissions. London advertising creative Holly Brockwell didn’t see… More.


The and Lichtendahl join Fitzroy

Fitzroy hired creative team Marvin The – what a cool surname! – (art) and Marius Lichtendahl (copy). The team about there move: “After a two year road trip through agencies like Kingsday, JWT Hamburg and Singapore, we finally found a place where our hybrid thinking… More.


Fitzroy’s and Carnovsky’s New Year’s bash

O.k., so if you wonder why we hardly worked on Friday; here you go. Fitzroy‘s already infamous New Year’s bash on Thursday night had too much free booze flowing. Apart from throwing great parties, Fitzroy knows how to make cool compilations; a fat tune, some… More.


5 stars on (w)heels

If you’ve worked on car brands, you probably recognize the it’s-the-most-spacious-in-its-class-briefing. There’s many solutions to that brief. But if the car feels luxurous as well and you’re Fitzroy, you just call it a 5 star hotel – think out of the box, remember. You can… More.


Forbidden fruit

A complicated one this is. Not because of the dripping ice creams, sweaty girls, hard nipples and upskirt shot – that is actually what makes it the most simple advertising you can imagine. No it’s complicated, cause this is the second time a commercial created… More.


Doritos facilitates ‘threesomes’

When you send us a press release about Doritos facilitating threesomes with complete strangers, you have our attention – most FMCG’s aren’t that bold. This online activation is not what we hoped for though. First of all the corny trailer shows us that we’re not… More.


Me so corny

What to say? Looking slick. And, well, it’s an introduction of an FMCG on the Dutch market in a jam-packed snack category, so choosing impact over a real idea to generate awareness sounds like a good idea. And if Skittles can do it, why not… More.



This is weird, a car brand that tries to hypnotize you to like their new car. The first case of hypno-tising we ever heard of. Last time Fitzroy tried a creepy viral that was supposedly not approved by Hyundai’s head office to sell the 3-door… More.



Hahaha. This spoof made us laugh. Quite well done. Though Goodby and Chiat might beg to differ. But that’s besides the point, of course. At Fitzroy they wear leggings. And they’re proud of it. Very European.


Fitzroy’s New Year’s Bash

We were invited to Fitzroy’s New Year’s Bash last Friday and we have to say it is already one of the better parties of 2012. Why? Because they served fantastic mojito’s at the huge bar supplied by Fitzroy’s client Bacardi, they had a great show… More.


The appbook combines print with digital

So that’s what you get when a management consultant hires a digital agency; an ‘Appbook’. The book, titled ‘The Next Ten‘, shows us the expected challenges and opportunities of the coming 10 years by combining old skool press with an iphone (app), to be inserted… More.


Bacardi status update in 3D

Checking in online is slowly becoming the standard in social-digital activities. That’s what inspired Fitzroy to facilitate a Bacardi update in bars and at parties. Not digitally though, as you would expect, but on the spot with a physical status bar and 3D photo. After… More.


To Like or not to Like…

That is probably the question the entire advertising world will be asking consumers in 2011. It’s quite incredible that in such a short time Facebook has turned brands into virtual ‘friends’ that politely ask for acknowledgment. This week we received two special ‘Like’ requests. One… More.