John Doe

John Doe was founded by Diederikje Bok and Hein Mevissen in 2001. Mevissen is also represented by and leading production agency Hungry Man Amsterdam since 2009. As the name suggests John Doe doesn’t like to be in picture too much. The reason is that the agency is of the opinion that it’s all about the work. That’s also the reason why John Doe does more than just advertising. It writes television formats, designs books and develops products under the brand ‘From the supermarket’ – with the wonderful pay-off “buy it and it’s yours!”. John Doe’s biggest client over the years has been MTV, both nationally as well as internationally.

Recent posts about John Doe

John Doe creates smart ‘dumbphone’

This very basic phone, branded John’s Phone, was created by Amsterdam agency John Doe. As it is the most simple mobile phone you can imagine, it is dubbed ‘dumbphone’ – you cannot even text with it. But it’s also made with a sense of humour, since it carries a pen and small address book (at… More.


Alien humor from planet Comedy Central

We’ve always found it difficult to understand alien humor. Especially the kind that comes from the planet Comedy Central. Making holes in the earth; that’s ridiculous! Here’s another one talking about trying to get Schwarzenegger back on earth (?). And it doesn’t help that these creatures look like a scruffy version of ET, drink beer… More.


Hungry Man in Amsterdam; Hard times for UW/JWT

Let’s start with the good news. Internationally renowned production agency Hungry Man opened an office in Amsterdam. Director Hein Mevissen – who has already worked with HM for a few years now – will lead the Amsterdam office together with Denise Stork en Diederikje Bok. Mevissen and Bok already own John Doe, one of the… More.


Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Our last Shoptalk reported about a brand new Amsterdam agency: Nothing. In last week’s Adformatie the founders, Bas Korsten and Michael Jansen, announced yet another label; Nothing Ventured. With this parallel proposition they want to introduce new products and services for existing and potential clients, to prove that the essence of their added value is… More.