Khanna \ Reidinga

Founded in 2011 by a Brit, Rikki Khanna (founder of AKQA Amsterdam) and a Dutchman, Hesling Reidinga (founder of Pool Worldwide), Khanna \ Reidinga is an independent, socially-led, creative agency based in Amsterdam. The agency believes that social is about what happens in the real world as much as in the digital world. Which pretty much means that they like to help brands to express themselves in ways that audiences actually care about. The viral for fictional brand Boss Noodles, could be called the prove of this brand proposition pudding. Khanna \ Reidinga works on both international and Dutch clients – brands that include Vodafone, Crocs, NN, Car2go and Beats By Dr. Dre.

Recent posts about Khanna \ Reidinga

Kristmas Merry

We’ve seen many Dutch Christmas films already. But haven’t featured any because they’re all a little too corny. And – to be fair – with the Dutch advertising budgets we can’t celebrate Christmas like John Lewis does – on the moon! Fortunately we do have Khanna\Reidinga and director… More.


Thispage can be flipped

Normally we don’t write about agencies that have updated their website – after all, we also don’t blog about agencies buying a new coffee machine. But some agencies (read: Khanna\Reidinga) are so proud of their new website that they have the entire agency spam us with… More.



Khanna\Reidinga brought us Boss Noodles, Energy Noodles and the highest space jump. Today it brings us ye-moticons – Kanye West with ‘various’ facial expressions. The app is based on the fact that images of Kanye being too cool to show facial expressions – though he does get caught smiling… More.



Sorry, we’re off today! The king is throwing a party! Image created by Khanna\Reidinga for the Beats By Dre Kingsday Festival at the Olympic Stadium.


Ewann McGregor (with double N)

We always wonder how much an actor gets paid for becoming the face of a brand. You’d guess George Clooney can easily live on being Mr. Nespresso. And if Clooney does it, you can imagine others in Hollywood easily follow in becoming a branded object. Ewan McGregor… More.


Lonely this Christmas?

Feel good Christmas with Vodafone; free data for everyone! As Rikki Khanna from Khanna\Reidinga commented on it; “hard to go wrong with this soundtrack.” True.


The ‘all new’ Car2Go

How to promote a car-sharing program that hasn’t really changed? You simply come up with typical car-sharing features and give them a new name, such as W.a.R.P. SPaSS and TaP-Ass. And, more importantly, you choose a “German Robo-Vixen” – as the press release calls her – to… More.


Lissone and LaVigne join Khanna\Reidinga

Creative agency Khanna\Reidinga recruited creative directors Desmond Lissone (bottom in picture) and Demian LaVigne. The duo joins from Curiosity Amsterdam where they were creative directors and partners – the agency that was only founded a year ago. In the past they were a senior team at Red… More.


Committing to an open relationship

Vodafone introduced a new “hybride platform”, allowing customers to change their mobile plan every month, depending on their needs and without a lengthy contract. Khanna\Reidinga translated this creatively into the concept of an ‘open relationship’. The film, in which consumers informally make vows to commit… More.


Energy Noodles

Last year Khanna\Reidinga, in collaboration with director André Maat (, launched an ad for the fictitious product Boss Noodles. With this ad the agency very successfully picked up an existing internet meme, receiving over 2 million views. Naturally this tasted like more. So K\R created… More.


“I am not falling”

Centraal Beheer (CB) is an insurer known for showing the shit hitting the fan in their ads. Their commercials always end with the famous pay off ‘Just call us.’ Khanna \ Reidinga, inspired by Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner, created a spoof on CB’s advertising… More.


TomTom does the robot

This online film, created by Khanna \ Reidinga (K\R) and directed by Willem Gerritsen (CZAR), announces the arrival of TomTom’s navigation software for Android OS. It was the iconic Android robot that inspired the agency to let TomTom ‘do the robot’ – ironically enough to… More.


Passing out is never o.k.

Passing out on GHB is regarded as quite normal in certain club scenes. The GGD (Association of Community Health Services) asked Khanna \ Reidinga to remind people that this is actually not very normal. When doing research, the agency quickly found out that GHB users… More.


Eating noodles like a Boss

How to gain exposure as a brand new ad agency? You simply make a kick ass commercial, or rather a viral, for the fictitious brand Boss Noodles. And then you get hundreds of thousands views. Smart move. It proves this agency understands advertising. Khanna \ Reidinga… More.