Kingsday, founded in 2011 and named after the one day a year that the Netherlands goes crazy in orange to celebrate the King’s birthday, works for clients such as MINI, Flower Council Holland, The Dutch Heart Foundation, Duyvis (Pepsico), Vereniging Eigen Huis and Smint. Kingsday camps out on the cross roads of PR, Interaction and Advertising and creates stuff with pure “Conversation Value.” Why? Because “it’s not important what you say about your brand; it’s all about what consumers say about it to each other. It’s as simple as that.

Recent posts about Kingsday

It’s okay to throw a plant away

This makes us think of the multi-award winning commercial (directed by Spike Jonze) telling us it is ok to throw away a lamp and buy a new one at IKEA – that was 2005 already! You’re crazy if you think a lamp has feelings. In that respect this one is slightly different. It actually does attribute feelings… More.


Funny how flowers do that

Wow, this made our day! And we just have to copy the copy to express our feelings: “Funny how flowers do that.” We’re not sure whether the young, talented Dutch director Basha de Bruijn will allow us to say this, but it’s like looking at a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film (responsible for, among other films, “Amélie”). But no… More.


24Festival; Will it blend?

On October 7th the yearly 24Festival (previously 24 Hours of Advertising) – organised by the VEA (representing Advertising Agencies) and BVA (representing Advertisers) – takes place at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. The central theme of the festival is ‘Will it blend?” Or, in different wording: how effective are today’s creative collaborations? Kingsday created a video, inspired by… More.


Kingsday does social media for Mini

Mini sharing fanmail on Facebook. Apart from doing Mini’s international ‘through the line’ work, Kingsday will now also pick up Mini’s Social Media – working closely together with the Global Mini team in Germany. The assignment will focus on content creation and giving the brand a distinctive ‘voice’. A smart move in our opinion, cause (social) media agencies… More.


Tossing Royal Dwarves

We’re pretty sure that the RVD (Royal Propaganda Service) will not be amused by this ad. After all, tossing princesses is definitely not something to be promoted. Then again, if your name is Kingsday and you’ve watched the Wolf of Wall Street a few too many times, this just might be the perfect activity on… More.


In case of love at first sight

“…Break glass plastic” Simple but sweet, this Valentine’s guerrilla campaign by Kingsday for the Flower Council of Holland. That’s how we like advertising. We first wondered why they would want to use an English URL ( in France, but the 1500 emergency roses spread through Paris actually carried the URL – and the text… More.

Ad of the Month

Manuel Ferrari

  We already spotted Manuel Ferrari, who is animation director at post production house The Ambassadors, a while ago when the films he did for Part of a Bigger Plan impressed us – this film, for example. Last month he impressed us again with the ‘Mini-auctions’ film that he created together with Kingsday. When Ferrari… More.


JWT keeps BMW, Kingsday wins Mini

This summer we wrote about BMW initiating a pitch after having worked with JWT Amsterdam for 29 years – the longest relationship in the Dutch advertising history. Eight agencies were invited to the pitch. JWT, Kingsday, and Lemz made it to the shortlist. Eventually JWT rewon the prestigious BMW account. Kingsday didn’t end up empty… More.


Pick your favourite…um…flower

Even though Holland is (on of the) the biggest flower exporting countries in the world, the Dutch apparently don’t buy enough flowers. Which is why the ‘flower bureau’ asked Kingsday to make flowers more popular. The agency did so by creating an interactive journey that helps women find their favourite flower. We tried it, but… More.


Kingsday on Queensday

Today we’re not working, cause it is Queensday, the best day of the year – in Amsterdam, that is. And we might just bring a short visit to this place; Kingsday. When the agency was founded last summer by Sander Volten, Bram de Rooij, Sicco Beerda, and Eric Ytsma, we wrote: “The name is inspired… More.


Kingsday organizes Black Book Night

Since a traditional ‘portfolio night’ attracts traditional people, brand new agency Kingsday – founded last July – organizes a black book night on the 14th of December to attract talent. The black book should carry at least three great commercial ideas – think PR, brand utility, or anything that is a bigger idea than an… More.


Kingsday merges advertising, digital and PR

There’s a new kid in town; Kingsday, a EuroRSCG 4D break away, founded by Sander Volten, Bram de Rooij, Sicco Beerda, and Eric Ytsma (in the photo – taken by Jasper Zwartjes – from left to right). The name is inspired by Queensday, a day that turns Amsterdam into one big party and during which… More.