The founders of Natwerk grew up with Nikes on their feet and Walkmans on their heads. The agency claims to have brand thinking in its DNA, starting out as product designers and strategists. Frank de Ruwe founded Natwerk in 2005 with a big bang; a bang of one million gumbals on Damsquare for Dutch TV channel BNN. The agency is also known for its creative brand vehicles that always draw a lot of attention – like the amphibious invasion on the beach of Bloemendaal for Vitamin Water. Nowadays both their work and clients are becoming more and more serious; they serve clients like Diesel, Ben, Grolsch, and Puma. Creative as they are they also like to make their own products, like the liquor brand Bello Limoncello.

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Uncommon is seeking the uncomfortable in the comfortable. Uncommon are those who dare to fly without wings. Uncommon is seeing big, in small. Uncommon is 4 agencies, 3 months each. Dawn, Natwerk SUE and Achtung! launch the first cross-agency advertising traineeship program in the Netherlands (minimum age 27, at least 2 years working experience, you have to… More.


The Ticket

Last week we wrote about Converse changing banners into tickets for cultural events, to convey its cultural nature. We just found out that Converse also asked Natwerk for an activation doing more or less the same. The film‘s mechanism is kinda old school – you get to choose your own storyline by clicking on different… More.


The Festival Reporter

Natwerk was asked to promote The Summer of Amsterdam, a theme that celebrates everything there is to do in Amsterdam this summer. The agency came up with The Festival Reporter; comedian Sina Khani will show the diversity of Amsterdam’s 300 summer festivals. And probably thanks to the success of Bart’s Fish Tales on Instagram, the agency again… More.


Bacon Hagelslag

Chocolate sprinkles (‘hagelslag’) are quite uniquely Dutch. But if you support this crazy Kickstarter, we’ll have Bacon Hagelslag soon. “If you don’t like the sweet, choose the meat,” is how Natwerk advertises it. It is not the agency’s first silly Kickstarter project. Last year it tried to introduce the UpperCut. This project seems more doable… More.


Work to do

In the middle: Olcay Gulsen and Frank de Ruwe. After having introduced a new lambrusco, Natwerk again is doing something off the beaten advertising track. This time they participate in a program, called Werk aan de winkel (‘Work to do’). The program revitalises small businesses that are having a hard time surviving in this fast changing… More.


Slamming bruscos on a school night

Seeing Natwerk‘s Frank de Ruwe, Lard Breebaart and 400 kilos of “stunt grapes” in a Fiat 500, jumping though a burning hoop, got us easily excited for the introduction of this spring’s it-drink: a Lambrusco by the name of Letsgo Brusco. After the success of Bello Limencello, Brusco is Natwerk’s newest alcoholic endeavor. The duo set out… More.



The way Frank de Ruwe (on the right in the preview) and Lard Breebaart, partners at Natwerk, reintroduce this forgotten drink makes us instantly thirsty. And it shows why we think Natwerk is the coolest agency in town; they turn an old fashioned wine – known for being tasteless, both literally and figuratively – into… More.


Brusco is coming

After Bello Limoncello, the agency where fun is part of the business model, Natwerk, is bringing us Brusco! We are looking forward to the launch party.


Floating teaser

This boat was teasing people on and around the water last Sunday to visit a mini-concert at Bad Buiten (an outdoor swimming pool close to Amstelstation), on the 19th of August, which is the evening of the annual Canal Festival (“Grachtenfestival”). Because there’s a limited amount of space for boats at the Prinsengracht, where the… More.


Missing numbers

Amsterdam is known for its narrow houses and alleys. In the Jordaan there used to be even smaller alleys in between the houses. These alleys often lead to run down accommodation for the poorest of the poor, hidden behind the rows of houses facing the main streets. When the ‘front row’ houses were expanded most… More.


Tame peeing

“Wildplassen” is a typical problem during Queensday. The term, used for peeing in the streets and canals, rather than at a designated place, translates a little odd into English; wild peeing. As if you turn and twist your pelvis violently, while peeing. Anyway, Natwerk built this Noodboot (“emergency boat”) for Waternet, the company responsible for… More.


Soberly smart

During carnival – which ends more or less today – it’s hard to make yourself understood. Not just because your speech might slur a little, but also because of the noise and the bartender being too far away. So, a device that helps you to write down your order over and over again – you… More.


The UpperCup

A few weeks ago Natwerk started an indiegogo project to raise $25K for the UpperCup – what a great name! After getting too many serious reactions, Natwerk feared that people didn’t quite catch the agency’s sense of humour. A post from a Japanese blog, for example, mentioned that the UpperCup was a little too thick. So,… More.


Koppie Shop

Natwerk has a history of building nice intallations/activations at Lowlands. Some of them are non-branded – except for Natwerk’s own logo. Last year they created the Patattoo and this year, among other things, the Koppie Shop – ‘koppie’ means head in Dutch. Not too complicated – a copy of yourself is displayed on and offline… More.


100 Bello Limoncello anniversary magnums

A while ago we wrote about the first birthday of Natwerk’s limoncello brand Bello Limoncello. In a short brandfilm Natwerk’s founders went on a special trip to Italy to find the best lemons for a limited edition anniversary magnum. Around the magnum Natwerk built a webpage showing all the brands and people – 100 in total… More.


Bello Limoncello’s first birthday

In our opinion one of the coolest agencies in Amsterdam is Natwerk. Why? Because they often create their own stuff (without a client demanding a bigger logo) and always seem to have fun in what they’re doing – though these two things are of course related. Take Bello Limoncello. If you can think it, you… More.


Analogue shit

Natwerk was asked to create something playful for the annual The Next Web conference. They brought Klara to the conference and created Dungville. Unlike its digital counterpart Farmville, this game featured a real cow. As you can see in the case film Klara was expected to shit three time a day. So they placed her on a ‘green screen’… More.


Natwerk Patattoo at Lowlands 2011

A part of us was at Lowlands this year and the most entertaining thing we saw – apart from the bands of course – was the mobile Patattoo service, using the good old potato as a tattoo stamp. Created by Natwerk.


Diesel Island Beach Express

Natwerk created this activation campaign for Diesel, which neatly follows up the Diesel Island ad, “Land of the Stupid, home of the Brave”, created by Santo London beginning of this year. So drop whatever you are doing when the ‘Beach Express’ drives by. We recommend you to grab the bus next week, when the temperature… More.