Frank de Ruwe (Creative Director) founded Natwerk in 2005. Five years later Lard Breebaart (Managing Director) joined him, and in January 2014 Reinier Steures (Strategy Director) came on board as the third partner. Natwerk is all about creating fresh, innovative and most of all effective activation campaigns. Over the years they grew beyond making just “creative brand vehicles.” Today it works for brands such as Converse, Waternet, BNN, RNW, Febo and V&D. Alongside their work for clients, Natwerk likes to every now and then shake up the market with their own products, such as: “Bacon Hagelslag”, “Bello Limoncello” and “Brusco Lambrusco“.

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Uncommon is seeking the uncomfortable in the comfortable. Uncommon are those who dare to fly without wings. Uncommon is seeing big, in small. Uncommon is 4 agencies, 3 months each. Dawn, Natwerk SUE and Achtung! launch the first cross-agency advertising traineeship program in the Netherlands (maximum age 27, at least 2 years working experience, you have to… More.