Orchestra was founded in 2008 by – among others – Bela Stamenkovits, Mischa Schreuder and Ramon Stalenhoef – all ex TBWA Amsterdam. Ed Stibbe later joined as MD. The agency makes advertising, but in a different way. “Cause advertising talk doesn’t work anymore. Stories about brands do.”

Recent posts about Orchestra

Ramon Stalenhoef

Ramon Stalenhoef‘s business card reads Creative Director Copy (at SSSS & Orchestra), but besides that he is also an avid photographer. Sometimes he can take his passion for photography to work – like when he did the photos for SSSS’ recent, quite distinctive Van Gils campaign. However, his love for photography really flourishes in his free time… More.

Talent of the Month

Playing against Lions

This is the first of probably a long series of ads that we will feature around the World Cup of football in Rio. In this film Van Gils shares the fact they dress the Dutch team – quite smartly by the looks of it. SSSS & Orchestra combined lion (the symbol of the national team)… More.


Personal recruitment banners

When SSSS & Orchestra was looking for a digital manager, it more or less directly asked employees of the other agencies whether they were interested. By using these banners and the IP numbers of its competitors. They asked, is your MD around? When clicking ‘yes,’ the ad would change into a banner of one of… More.


Mascotte Break Service

We recently read that smoking roll up cigarets is hip again. Roll ups always were the blue collar cigarette, but since the economic crisis is still omnipresent and the government keeps increasing the tobacco taxes, roll ups have suddenly become interesting for a much wider target group again. That’s probably why Mascotte, one of the… More.


Tattooed Belgium beer

Dutch tattooist Henk Schiffmacher – who decorated several body parts of Kurt Cobain and the Chili Peppers – is doing a joint promotion with the Belgium beer brand Palm. He tattooed a can of Palm and calls upon the crowd to do the same – possible with any sharp object. Photos of the beer cans… More.


Originality is one thing…

We’ve been seeing a lot lately from Stamenkovits Stibbe Stalenhoef Schreuder & Orchestra. Not your regular advertising though, but in the form of a self promotional print campaign in trade magazine Adformatie. We’re featuring it, because it doesn’t look like your typcial agency advertising. Most agencies that advertise in Adformatie not very originally create a… More.


Uncomplicated advertising

O.k., guys – an we really mean ‘guys’ – since we had such a great, uncomplicated weekend, we’ll start with some advertising that is really easy to digest. And we’re not going to be smart about it. We’re not going to talk about double layers. Or make critical remarks about the key message or the… More.


Hunkemöller obsessed by phalli

For all the MadMen still working today, longing for Christmas, and needing some distraction badly; here you go! We aim to serve. There’s so much to say about these ads. And then again, there’s so much not to say about them, since they pretty much speak for them selves. One thing is sure, though; the… More.


SSSS & Orchestra’s “Christmas Favorites”

The compact team of SSSS & Orchestra – a name that always makes us trip between the third and fourth ‘S’ – thanks its clients with a very sympathetic Christmas present this year; a CD (read: compact disc) in black tie with the agency’s favourite Christmas classics. Since we don’t own any Christmas compilations and… More.


G-Star and Kurtenbach find agency

Dutch Fashion brand G-Star appointed Nothing Amsterdam to run its international account. Joris Aperghis, CMO G-Star said Nothing understands the brand and the challenges that lay ahead to help it with its international growth.  G-Star was founded in 1989 (originally called Gap Star). Today the brand has over a 1000 employees and 250 shops in… More.


Nivea Sun app tells you when the sun burns

The Nivea Sun app – created by Muse and app builder Ice Mobile – provides the consumer with up to date news about UV radiation. The app combines your GPS location, time of day and skin type, to tell you how long you can stay in the sun with a certain type of SPF. In… More.


2010 changes into SSSS & Orchestra

Agency 2010 has become SSSS & Orchestra. 2010, that changed its name – not very conveniently – every year, was founded in 2008 by 6 founding fathers. After 2 partners had already left the agency, online guru Jeroen de Bakker recently left to found Lab1111. With only three of the founding partners left – Béla… More.


Condomerie talks to Chatroulette wankers

Condomerie is an Amsterdam based condom shop that calls itself the first specialized condom shop in the world – ‘since 1987’. Apart from an offline shop – located pretty close to the world famous red light district – Condomerie also has an online shop. A good reason to create some international rumour around the brand.… More.


Olympic ski-jump from Amsterdam tram halt

This is quite an innovative ad for Samsung. We’re a bit late showing it, since the Olympics are already over, but the mechanism of this ‘spectacular’ is quite impressive. The video basically speaks for itself; you can film and mail yourself directly from the interactive tram halt. The content is a bit lame, but we’ll… More.


Trojan-horsevertising for Shield Security

New Message came up with this idea – hidden letters, visibale on an airport scanner in a briefcase – to help Shield Security find new security employees at Schiphol; “Wanted: experienced security personnel”. Quite an expensive way of advertising it seems; every single message will cost Shield Security a flight ticket. But since the conversion… More.